Nature Steeple

Dark clouds on the horizon

A place where hope dies in

Tornadoes of anxiety and fear

Causing scarcity to appear

There is never enough

The motto of more stuff

Tears down a democracy

And creates a hypocrisy

More for me, less for you

Inequality hatred stew

White isn’t supreme

It’s time for a new dream

It’s time to shake off the past

Embrace the harassed

Crack open the wall

Let the light sprawl

Into your eyes

With great surprise

Envelope your heart

As a new start

We are all one people

Living in a nature steeple

Drawing from…

All of a sudden, people are merging their home life, work life, school life and social life and using video conferencing technology to replace in-person activities. Though video platforms like Zoom were hailed initially as saving the day, their overuse is taking its toll on its user’s mental health.

Prior to the pandemic, people relied on physical locations such as an office, school desk or coffee shop, to help their mind and body calibrate to what was expected of them. Autopilot was engaged and participants could chill out a bit knowing nothing was going to crash and burn. However, now…

Tiffany Joy Basse

Co-CEO of Mindrise, a technology platform for well-being experts to create and market their wellness offerings via live video, apps and virtual classrooms.

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