Tiffany Joy Basse
2 min readJan 22, 2021


Nature Steeple

Dark clouds on the horizon

A place where hope dies in

Tornadoes of anxiety and fear

Causing scarcity to appear

There is never enough

The motto of more stuff

Tears down a democracy

And creates a hypocrisy

More for me, less for you

Inequality hatred stew

White isn’t supreme

It’s time for a new dream

It’s time to shake off the past

Embrace the harassed

Crack open the wall

Let the light sprawl

Into your eyes

With great surprise

Envelope your heart

As a new start

We are all one people

Living in a nature steeple

Drawing from the land

Proud we gather and stand

Holding hands together

Braving any kind of weather

Connecting with community

Building our immunity

Saw a sign from above

Like being touched by love

My body sprung with delight

As my eyes beheld a new sight

Rainbow single then a double

Washing away my trouble

Blessing from inside out

Happiness with a shout

Celebrating nature’s glory

Writing a new story

Of love, faith and hope

Nothing we can’t cope

The country rebounds

Executive orders astounds

Equality for everyone and all

Down with that damn wall!

Back in the Paris Accord

Climate change drawing board

A new future awaits

Starting with the States

Nature prioritized

Fossil fuels analyzed

Green tech to the rescue

Waste has no venue

Reduce, reuse, recycle

No more climate denial

Chanting less is more

Hear our country roar

I now have hope

Even on the tightrope

For the next gen

And the power of women

We can do this

Crawl out of the abyss

If we do it together

Like birds of a feather

For we are all

No matter how small

Just one people

Living in a nature steeple



Tiffany Joy Basse

Co-CEO of Mindrise, a technology platform for well-being experts to create and market their wellness offerings via live video, apps and virtual classrooms.